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HIJACK BYEJACK® is the MSCA vehicle lightweight armoring package solution.
It is aimed for protecting passengers against car hijackers with hand guns.
    Vehicle fully armored in 4-6 days
    Light weight armoring added to vehicles https://
    Car’s original design is preserved internally and externally
    Cost effective and safe
    Level IIA protection

The HIJACK BYEJACK® armoring package consists of the following:
    1- Light Bullet Resistant Glass (STOPGUN®)
    2- Multiple layers of Aramid Fibers inside doors/columns (Twaron®)

Both glass and door armoring are designed to stop multiple impacts of a 9mm parabellum of 8g.
The armored car will also offer protection from forceful blows with stones, hammer and other blunt objects.

The high ballistic performing STOPGUN® glass is NIJ II A Certified in accordance to Internation stanadards. It has the capacity to stop 6 impacts from a 38 caliber Special and 5 impacts from a 9 mm Parabellum of 8g at 380 M/S, as well as affording protection from forceful blows with stones, hammers and other blunt objects.

The STOPGUN® technology is manufactured by AGP (American Glass Products) based on a formula of high quality and meticulous selection of materials. The result is a superior quality glass that will not generate splinters upon impact and therefore reducing the risk of cuts from glass fragments.

Due to it’s low thickness (only 12mm), the glass is easily installed and is readily adaptable with simple imperceptible modifications to the chassis and will also not interfere with any of the car’s antennas and sensors. This adaptation can be later reversed to the original glass in case the protection is no longer required.

Multipe layers of TWARON® are custom designed to fit inside the vehicles doors. Additional layers of Aramid fiber are also installed behind the backseats to provide additional passenger protection.

TWARON® is an Aramid Fiber (aromatic polymide) manufacured by Teijin Aramid. The aramid Fiber is not only light wieght but it also provides impact resistance and energy absorption properties.
    High strength (excellent strength-to-weight properties)
    High dimensional stability
    Excellent heat, cut and chemical resistance
    No melting point (degradation only starts at 500°C)

Click Here to Download the HIJACK BYEJACK® Brochure.

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