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MSCA was founded with the main objective of producing the finest, most technologically advanced armored passenger cars and armored vehicles in the world.  

MSCA continues to revolutionize the armored passenger vehicle industry with its proprietary bullet proof vehicle system, capable of achieving a defeat level as high as 7.62 NATO armor-piercing ammunition, yet remain virtually indistinguishable from original show room models.

MSCA is a proven armored vehicle manufacturer using different groups of skilled craftsmen to carry out production at the highest levels: designers, welders, bodywork engineers, electronics specialists, leather-workers and painters.
MSCA employees have dedicated their time to perfecting their craft and are among the very best in their profession. MSCA is also ISO 9001 certified in the Production, Maintenance and Consultancy for Presidential Level Armored Vehicles.

MSCA assists in all phases of your armoring needs from the purchase of the original vehicle, transportation of an existing vehicle, documentation, to shipping and armoring certification to after sales service in terms of maintenance and warranty of the armoured vehicle.  

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