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Armoring Steps

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Protection comes from alternating layers of non-tempered glass (to absorb a bullet's energy) and laminated polycarbonate (to absorb energy and prevent a spray of glass shards). The secret of ultimate protection is knowing how to design the layers sequence of layers of polycarbonate, polyurethane, anti-spall, polyvinyl butyral…
  • Door windows: All original glass is removed and replaced with NIJ/CEN/STANAG tested Multi-layered ballistic glass. The combination of floated glass, Polyvinyl Butyral, Polyurethane, and Polycarbonate, also incorporates a layer of anti-spall film (Spallshield), laminated during the production process, which prevents the entry of glass splinters into the cabin. Its thickness range between 39mm to 80mm.
    In superior armoring levels (B6 and B7) the bullet resistant glass is manufactured without offset, integrating them into a structure of broadened frames which provide a higher resistance against blast. The design of the wide overlap system in every door and window aperture area is conceived with the purpose of avoiding the detachment and penetration of glass, as well as doors and hatch, into the cabin.
    Multiple compositions can be added to the BRG, as per client request, such as: Solar Plus (decreases the interior temperature of the vehicles and filters up to 70% of IR rays), Edge Plus (gives protection against chemical attacks and humidity), Multi-hit Composition (gives more security by allowing to shoot in a 3 to 6 times smaller triangle than the usual (12cm).
    The transparent armor will be contoured to retain the appearance of the original OEM glass.

  • Windshield: OEM Windshield is removed and replaced with NIJ/CEN/STANAG tested Multi-layered ballistic glass. Its thickness range between 39mm to 80mm.
1 Disassemble Roof Roof Car armoring car model special car armoring
2 Disassemble Glass Glass
3 Disassemble Grill Grill
4 Disassemble Brakes Brakes
5 Disassemble Tires Tires
6 Disassemble Suspensions Suspensions
7 Disassemble Door Hinges Door Hinges
8 Disassemble Doors Doors
9 Disassemble Door Hinges Door Hinges
10 Disassemble Fuel Tank Fuel Tank
Armoring Process
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